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Here is a great way to get traffic for practically nothing, other than some of your time. You can visit article directories that are home to free content from all over the web. Generally, they have a large audience of people who are looking for free content to use for their own purposes or who have an interest in a particular topic or niche. At the same time you provide content, you can set up links to your CPA offers and brand yourself an expert author too!

What To Know About Article Submission


Not Instant Approval - It can take some time to get approved to submit and publish articles. Start early to get your foot in the door, so when you locate those great CPA offers, you have a ready-made venue to display them.


* Shorter Articles Are Better – You might be tempted to flaunt your expertise with very lengthy articles, but that’s not a good idea for a web audience that is used to multitasking and flitting from one site to another. Instead, create articles that are between 250 words and 500 words long. You can go up as high as 700 words, but even that's stretching it a bit.


* Use White Space Effectively – People who read online don't want to see a page full of text with no bolding and very little white space; it's just way too tough on the eyes. So don’t be afraid to use plenty of white space, along with specific bolding and italicizing, to draw the reader in and to keep them interested.


* Bulleted Lists Work Well – Like this list, you can create very short articles that highlight specific points and are easy to read on the fly. People are grateful when they can just scan an article and read only what interests them.


* The Resource Box Matters Most – As an Internet marketer, the only thing that really matters to you is the resource box found at the bottom of the article. It's there that you will be allowed to place links to yourself or, possibly, an outside CPA offer. So be sure you have a snappy message there that begs the reader to click on your links!


* Not All Article Directories Are Alike – Some article directories will allow you to post links to landing pages for your CPA offers in the resource box, while others will not. Read the terms of your service agreement carefully so you don't waste valuable time or get banned from the site for inadvertently violating their rules.  You can use an intermediary page sometimes too, to get by a landing page or sales page link ban.


* Submit To More Than One – You may write just one article, but you can submit it to MULTIPLE article directories. You can even automate this process by using software or third party services that provide this option. The more articles you post out there, the greater the likelihood they will generate more traffic for your CPA offer.


* Keep Your Links Short – Use a service like to shorten affiliate links. This will help to improve the number of clicks on the offer because longer links tend to scare people away.


* Your Articles Can Be Rejected – Just because you write an article does not mean the directory has to publish it. Don't worry, though, because you can modify the article to make it publishable or you can try a different directory. Often it's just a question of violating some small rule that the directory asks authors to follow, like avoiding links within the text of an article itself. 

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