The #1 Fear in CPA Marketing

You are reading this because you want to know what the main fear is when it comes to CPA marketing. If you are new to CPA marketing, it can be kind of scary. Don’t let the fear of you losing your money be the reason that you stop yourself from making money. Success is really based on making sure you test – test – test – stay on top of what you are doing, know what’s working and what’s not working. 

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The fear of failure is the number one fear in CPA marketing. It’s also what will stop most people dead in their tracks before they even get started. After all, if you never start, you can’t fail, of course, you also can’t succeed. Having this mentality is not the mentality for success. 


Perhaps it’s because of a lack of self confidence, or maybe you don’t have good self esteem. Whatever the reason, you need to address it if you are going to enjoy success in CPA marketing. You need to patient and you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Chances are for most of you considering CPA marketing this is new – this is not something you’ve done before. So it’s going to take some time for you to be comfortable. The reality is that you are likely to fail your first go round at CPA marketing. After all, you really do need to be bad before you can be good and then when you really understand the ‘game’ you’ll be great. Keep this in mind. It’s part of your journey to success. 


The message here – is if at first you don’t succeed and you fail, don’t walk away. Get back up, dust yourself off, and try again! Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were all successful the first time we tried something? The thing is that many will fail and then never try again. Instead, they’ll head back to the life they know. What you need to remember is that you are working towards a goal, towards successful CPA marketing that can create a steady income flow for you and change your life. The best way for you to deal with your strong fear of failure is to have a very strong focus. When you have something that you are working towards with purpose it will help to keep you motivated and you will be much less likely to quit. 


CPA marketing has great potential; don’t let fear stop you from experiencing the revenue it can generate.

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