The Lowdown On Subject Lines

It should be obvious to you that the subject line of your email is the most important aspect of it. If your subject line is not appealing then your email will not be opened. If your email isn’t opened then your email will not be read and you will certainly not make any money.

It doesn’t Matter how good your Content is

You must craft a high quality welcome email to warm your subscribers up and tell them that there will be a lot of high quality advice and information coming their way. This will help to encourage them to look out for your emails and open them. Use “cliff hangers” at the end of each email that provide a taster of what the next email will bring.

You must be committed to providing value with your emails. This will make your subscribers like you and trust you more. Some of your subscribers will be excited to receive your next email when you do this. You need to make offers sometimes and this is perfectly reasonable. Your aim is to educate and solve the problems that your subscriber will be facing.

Do not be fazed by this as it is not difficult to create trust and build a good relationship with your list. When you have this situation then your subject lines do not matter quite as much but they are still important.

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Content First Subject Line After

Don’t stress about your subject lines before you write your email content. After writing the content work out which are the most important points and write your subject line around this. Subject lines should be the last thing that you write.

You can still write a good subject line after the content has been written. It should actually be easier to do it this way. Let’s say this article was the email content so a good subject line could be “Get your emails opened with these subject lines” or “Why subject lines are not as important as you think”.

Don’t Do This

Don’t use deceptive or misleading subject lines. People will ignore your emails or worse will unsubscribe. Here are three tactics to definitely avoid:

Issue Commands in your Subject Lines

Don’t issue commands to your subscribers in your subject lines. This tactic is use all of the time and has a very poor success rate. You have probably seen examples of this such as “Check This Out Now”, “Open This Immediately” and “You Must See This”. People are not stupid and they will suspect that this is a sales email.

Don’t Insult with Subject Lines

This is really irritating. People send emails out telling the subscriber that they are disappointed with them. Is this taking care of your list? Definitely not! Some classic examples is the use of subjects such as “I Am Disappointed With You” or “I Am Shocked At You”. The shock and disappointment is that you didn’t purchase the product that was recommended. Don’t treat your precious subscribers like this.

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This is where the subject line has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the email. It is just about the worst subject line tactic that you can use. Examples are “Re: Your Support Question”, “Your Verification Is Complete”, “Your Application Has Been Accepted” and the old classic “Your Download Is Ready”. This is cheap and you must not do this.

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